Garden Decor Ideas

There are many things that can be done in a garden. As well as a variety of tools that can help.

Items to Decorate your Garden with:

Armillary Sundials - These can add a unique bit of charm to your garden. There are many styles and designs of sundial that can be added to your garden and suite the decor of your home and landscaping.

Washboards - Hang these on the side of your home or on a shed, they are especially effective if there is a galvanzied tub used as a planter under neath them.

Cowbells - These can be used as decor, or you can invest in several small ones and use them in a craft to create your own windchime.

Use a cute galvanized bucket to tote around your garden tools.

Create a robotic looking scarecrow in your vegetable garden using stove pipe, add some craft bells and you have a noisy scarecrow that will help keep the pests away.

Don't have a lot of yard but still want a way to display growing flowers? Invest in some window boxes and watch them grow away.

Container plants are great for if you want to easily have a new flower garden every year. Just prep your chosen container and plant your flowers of choice in them. Containers also work well for low maintainance edible gardens.

Bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses are also a great way to liven up a yard or garden.

Garden statuary is a geat way to express your personality outdoors.